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The Waiting Game: How Long Does Canada Immigration Really Take?

Canada Immigration Processing Time 2023


Many skilled and talented individuals from around the world are choosing to immigrate to Canada in pursuit of better career opportunities and a higher standard of living. In 2023, those planning to immigrate to Canada are particularly interested in the processing time for permanent residency visas.


The Express Entry System is currently the fastest option for obtaining permanent residency in Canada.


Processing time for Express Entry System in 2023 and it is possible to receive approval for permanent residency within six months through Express Entry.


The Canada Immigration processing time for Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) in 2023 takes up to one year to process from start to finish.


Factors Affecting the Canada Immigration Processing Time in 2023


Several factors affect the timeline for Canada PR including:


  • the total CRS point score of the applicant
  • the CRS score requirement by IRCC
  • the accuracy of the submitted application
  • background verification status
  • the time elapsed for responding to queries from the immigration office


How to speed up the Canada Immigration Processing Time


These are the things you can do to speed up the Canada Visa processing time to ensure a smooth and timely application:


  • include all necessary information and documents
  • make sure any changes to personal information are promptly reported
  • ensure  photocopies and documents submitted are clear and legible
  • provide certified translations of any original documents
  • be truthful on the application.
  • disclose any criminal or security related issues,
  • disclose any issues such as divorce or child custody issues



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